Every music program relies on its budding young musicians, and a director’s future success is greatly influenced by their ability to attract top talent. We have also seen that establishing a performance tour tradition is one of the most effective recruitment tools for music departments, as it generates excitement, brings people closer together, and enhances your ensemble’s reputation in the community. Perhaps that’s why our average repeat group was 23.3% larger than the average new group

Unfortunately, relying solely on a flier or announcement is not an effective recruitment strategy for your performance tour. For youth groups, it’s particularly unlikely that ensemble members will sign up for a tour on their own; they require some guidance. But don’t worry, the team at Encore has your back!

We recently published a new eBook that’s filled with useful strategies for planning your next recruitment meeting including specific suggestions based on your trips destination. Whether you’re heading to China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or a host of other destinations, we have compiled a list of classroom activities that will help generate excitement for your upcoming tour.

Our eBook covers everything from the tour reveal to the fundraising plan to publicity preparations to your final pre-departure meeting. We also have compiled some of our favorite recruitment tips ; many of which were shared by our most loyal group leaders! If you’ve ever wanted to take your ensemble on a performance tour but don’t know where to start, this eBook is a great resource!

Want to learn more about planning your next recruitment meeting? Download our free recruitment meeting guide with dozens of wonderful ideas to help excite and inspire!

To start planning your own performance tour or to learn more about the unique benefits available to Encore Group Leaders, schedule a call with one of our dedicated Tour Consultants.

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