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What to wear? What to pack? Have no fear, our travel experts are here to give you some sound tips and advice. 

We've even included a downloadable sample packing list below to ease your mind—print it, check it twice, and say “Arrivederci!” to your packing woes. It's all smooth sailing from here.

What to Bring

Most Encore trips do not include porterage. As you pack, remember that you’ll be carrying your suitcase through airports and hotels. If you are purchasing luggage for the trip, consider buying luggage on wheels.


  • A good rule of thumb is to lay out everything you think you need, then put half of it back in your closet.
  • On your flights and on the bus, you are allowed one suitcase and one carry-on bag. European coaches have luggage compartments based on the assumption of one suitcase per person, and local safety laws prevent suitcases from being put in the bus aisle. Your carry-on bag needs to be small enough to fit under a bus seat.
  • An organized traveler is a smart traveler. Download the packing list, check it twice, and depart for your adventure overseas with peace of mind!

How to Bring It

Choose a lightweight suitcase, preferably one with wheels. Please be mindful that airlines have specific weight limits and other luggage restrictions. Airlines also require that each article of luggage have at least one tag with your name and address information on it.

* Before you leave, make a list of the total contents of your suitcase. If your luggage is lost, the list will help you file any insurance claims.


Please note that TGV and overnight trains no longer offer luggage space other than that immediately around your seat and in the overhead compartment. If you are traveling on a TGV train as part of your Encore itinerary, you will be required to store your luggage in the compartment above your seat for the duration of the journey. If you are traveling on an overnight train as part of your Encore itinerary, you will be required to store your luggage within your sleeping compartment.

* Due to increased airline security, locked luggage is not permitted. When traveling by bus or train, locks may be used.

Lost or Stolen Luggage

Unless in the care of the airline, your luggage is your responsibility and should never be left unattended. If you lose your luggage on the flight, you must file a claim at the airline's lost-luggage office before leaving the customs hall of the airport. If your luggage is stolen, you must file a police report to be covered by the Ultimate or Comprehensive Protection Plan.

Electric Appliances & Currents

In most of Europe (and Argentina), electric current is 220 volts, not 110 as in the U.S. or Costa Rica. Buy a hairdryer or razor adaptable to 220 volts, as most travel appliances are. You should purchase voltage adapters, dual voltage hairdryers and other travel accessories prior to departure.


Cathedral Etiquette

Visitors wearing shorts or skirts above the knee, tank tops or sleeveless shirts may not be allowed into cathedrals. If it is warm, women may want to pack a light skirt and scarf to slip on over shorts and around the shoulders.



Be prepared for wide temperature swings, especially in Europe during the spring. Be sure to search the web for a weather update a few days before your departure!

Download the Encore Packing List!

Packing List

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  1. Thank You: the packing list is very helpful. Since our group is booked for 11 days, I’m assuming we will be able to laundry once or twice since it is suggested that we travel light….

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