Traveling with instruments can be a grueling task, especially when dealing with instruments such as tubas, cellos or anything exceeding 62 linear inches and 50 pounds. When planning a tour, the ensemble director has to consider oversized instrument fees, whether they'll be accepted by the airlines, and so on. But it really doesn’t have to be this way, especially when you travel with us at Encore Tours! We can come up with ways that will make this much easier for you.


     First of all, we will have you submit your instrument list to us as soon as we know you are traveling. That way, we can submit this to the airlines to determine what size of aircraft will suit your needs best. We can then also assess any problems that might come up and avoid them before they happen.


     Secondly, we think of ways to help buffer the fees. Because of our great relationship with airlines, we can often work out payment in advance at a decreased rate. In cases where this is not possible, we can price an instrument fee into your trip price for you. This way, you will have extra funds available to help you with any oversized fees at the airport and rental fees as well.


     Thirdly, are you worried about traveling with your excessively large bass? Put aside your worries and consider traveling with an electric bass. They're much more slender and airlines are much more likely to accept them. If you travel with your acoustic bass, be prepared to pay excessive fees if the airlines do happen to accept them.

     If you prefer to not travel with them and would like to rent instead, we can work out the rentals for you. Just know ahead of time what your rental needs are, and you won’t even need to worry!


     So if you have concerns about traveling with your instruments, just contact an Encore Tour consultant. We will make it a smooth process so you won’t have to fret at the airport!


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