Peter recently traveled across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 to attend a Global Conference, the ACIS' equivalent of Encore Tours' Prelude event. Departing from NYC got Peter in a New York State of Mind. 

Here's what Peter had to say, “I was thinking of New York State of Mind because I recently sailed from New York on the Queen Mary 2 across the Atlantic Ocean. There is absolutely nothing more magical than slowly sailing out through the narrows and watching the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan disappear out of view. The opening piano riff of that song is something that takes me back to NYC in the early 80’s. To me, that song is a song about America and coming home to a place that you are comfortable with. I’ve always loved New York and feel that when I see it, I have that song traveling through my mind. Hence, New York State of Mind! It’s also a great song to sing.”

What songs remind you of home?

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