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STANDARD: MU:Pr4.3.E.Ia Demonstrate an understanding of context in a varied repertoire of music through prepared and improvised performances.


Set up a performance schedule during class. Establish performance time guidelines.


Choose a piece (or section of a piece) from your touring repertoire to perform individually or in small groups for the class. After your performance, you will have 3 minutes to discuss your performance choices as they relate to the context of the piece. Be prepared for a classroom Q&A. Students in the audience may ask about a specific passage or interpretation and you will have the opportunity to respond.


  • For what purpose was the piece composed?
  • How was the piece influenced by outside factors such as historical influence, region, time, etc.?
  • How did your performance choices depict what the composer had intended?
  • Were there specific expressive choices you made to reflect the meaning or context of the piece? What were they?

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