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Whether it's for local concert promotions, touring overseas, or just posting on your website, a well-constructed press kit can be an invaluable tool for raising the profile of your ensemble. In our new eBook “Creating the Perfect Press Kit for Your Ensemble”, we discuss how to choose the sample repertoire, take engaging photos, create press releases and more.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. When creating a list of your ensemble’s sample repertoire, you always want to stay true to your core style. Pick your ensemble’s most “tried and true” pieces.
  2. Pieces that have earned awards are always a plus!
  3. Choose a good mix of popular and classical songs—those that people know and those that are less known.
  4. If you’re touring overseas, put an American piece or two in the mix—your audiences will appreciate it.

Ways to Organize Your Repertoire

  • By composer
  • By time period
  • By style
  • By language
  • By country/region
  • By show (theatre, opera, etc.)

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List Items for Touring Repertoire Should Include…

  • Title (in sung language and original language, if applicable)
  • Movements (if applicable)
  • Composer
  • Composer life in years (example: 1685–1750)
  • Approximate timings per piece

Formatting Style Examples

Sample 1:

Sacred Approx. Timing
Abide With Me arr. Moses Hogan 4
Songs of War and Remembrance
Flanders Fields McCrae/Aitken 4


Sample 2:

Mo Li Hua arranged by Wayland Rogers (China) 3


Sample 3:

Symphony #3……………Mendelssohn

  • Andante con moto — Allegro un poco agitato (A minor)
  • Vivace non troppo (F major)
  • Adagio (A major)
  • Allegro vivacissimo — Allegro maestoso assai (A minor → A major)

Top 3 Tips

  1. Showcase your best pieces
  2. Choose mix of sacred and secular
  3. When touring overseas, check repertoire with venue and add an American piece or two in the mix

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