Last Thanksgiving, you liked our blog “11 Things a Choir Director Can Be Thankful For” so much, that we decided to let the band directors get in on the fun too. So here’s 10 things band directors can be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

1. Students who practice


2. Kids who remember their instruments and uniforms

And…animal mascots?


3. Parents who encourage their kids to practice


4. Piccolos that play in tune

Sorry, that's not possible!


5. Humble trumpet players

Sorry, that’s not possible either!


6. And trumpet players who don’t always try to play as loud and high as possible

Good luck with that…


7. Clarinets that don’t squeak


8. Players who actually look at the conductor once in a while

9. People who know # means sharp not hashtag

10. And, of course, band trips!

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