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As the nationwide lockdown continues and schools across the country remain closed, it has been made abundantly clear that online learning can present a number of challenges for both students and teachers. We are living in an unprecedented time, and educators have repeatedly expressed their frustration with the new virtual learning environment. It can be difficult to develop new lesson plans and keep students engaged outside the traditional classroom setting, which is why we have developed our Encore Live series to leverage the knowledge of our dedicated Tour Managers.

Our Tour Managers are passionate about delivering world-class tours to all of our travelers but, unfortunately, they are unable to do that right now. Instead, they will bring their expertise online by delivering a series of wide-ranging interactive webinars on Zoom. Some of the topics covered include art, culture, history, language, music, and much more. These presentations are fun, free, and open to everybody! 

Just below, you can see our list of upcoming live events, along with an accompanying sign-up link. You can also view recordings of all Encore Live and ACIS Connect events in our archive.

Have any questions? Please email accounts@encoretours.com!

JULY 2020

Haydn's Head (featuring Peter Ede)


Ireland: A Musical Rebellion (featuring Adrian Metcalfe)

Flamenco And What Follows (featuring Sonia Beck) 

At Encore Tours, we are committed to supporting music education both at home and abroad. Are there any topics you would like to see covered in future Encore Live events? Please email encoretours@acis.com with any thoughts or suggestions.

Contact the Encore Tours team with any questions or concerns about taking your musical ensemble to new places!


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Encore Tours goes beyond travel. We are committed to supporting music education at home. From our director workshops and professional networking events to our scholarship programs for young musicians, we continue to give back to our musical communities year-round. That's why "taking your music program to new places" is our mission. Whether "places" refers to exciting destinations or supporting your music programs at home, Encore is with you every step of the way.

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