Virtual Director's Exchange - Episode 1 (Ft. Gerald Wirth and Suzanne Woodruff)

April 8, 2020 Encore Tours

Music educators and directors around the world are currently dealing with the same difficult set of challenges. It doesn't matter where you live, we're all united in our struggles during this pandemic. Though we may not be able to create music or travel together, staying connected is critically important right now. That's why we wanted to create our own Virtual Director's Exchange to connect musicians across the globe and allow them to compare experiences, exchange coping tips, and help them come together to share the universal language of music.

In our first episode, Encore's Director of Operations, Frieda Krantz, speaks with Gerald Wirth, President of the world-renowned Vienna Boys Choir, and Suzanne Woodruff, Director of Choral Music and Performing Arts Department Chair at Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. These two esteemed musicians explain how their lives have changed over the past month, how they're staying connected with their students, and how they're adapting to the new normal.

Please enjoy our first episode, and let us hear your thoughts or comments over on our YouTube page!

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