The 12 Best Videos From The Acapella App

April 1, 2020 Encore Tours

Back in 2015, the app Acapella from PicPostPlay was released for iPhones, allowing users to record, synchronize, and share songs with multi-part vocal harmonies. By taking several videos of yourself and stacking each recording on top of the previous recording, you can easily create your own backing vocals (or instrumentals) and become a one-person acapella troupe.

These videos, which are reminiscent of the opening credits for the Brady Bunch, were a viral sensation upon the app's release, quickly surpassing seven million monthly users. Although the app's popularity has dwindled in recent years, it remains an excellent creative outlet for musicians who are unable to perform with their full ensemble. It has also seen a recent resurgence, with many musicians using the app to virtually reunite with their ensemble or cover their favorite song.

Most of the recordings are fairly short (less than a minute long), but we wanted to compile some of our favorites to provide inspiration during this trying time.

1. Stay Inside (via @accentvocal)


2. Star Wars - The Imperial March (via @chloetrevor_violin)


3. Kid Cudi - Day N' Night (via @Kaleeeeeeb)


4. Old Dan Tucker - Daniel Decatur Emmett (via @mrsschindler_mw)


5. That's Not Me - Skepta featuring JME (@finnmurphybmx)


6. Former members of the University of Georgia's Redcoat (via @universityofga)


7. Taylor Swift - You Need to Calm Down (via @nassimmusic)


8. Lizzo - Juice (via @lizzobeeating)


9. T.I. - Whatever You Like (via @willgittens)


10. Avicii - Wake Me Up (via @tsuujiimot)


11. The Christmas Song aka Chestnut's Roasting on an Open Fire (via @clairemarie.cello)


12. Johann Sebastian Bach - Concerto for Two Violins (via @martina_miedl)

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