Press Releases and Posting Your Ensemble's Press Kit

Whether it's for local concert promotions, touring overseas, or just posting on your website, a well-constructed press kit can be an invaluable tool for raising the profile of your ensemble. In our new eBook “Creating the Perfect Press Kit for Your Ensemble”, we discuss how to choose the sample repertoire, take engaging photos, create press releases and more.


Creating Your Ensemble's Press Releases

Create and send press releases to the media whenever you have a big announcement: new director, upcoming benefit concert, upcoming tour, etc. After you have sent them, keep an archive folder on your website where you are able to easily access them. Use these press releases when applicable to promote various aspects of your organization.

If the media attends your performances or if your organization is featured somewhere in an online blog, website, newspaper, radio or TV station, keep these also archived on your website. You can use these while creating your press kit; you may wish to pull a quote onto your ensemble biography or post a recording of your ensemble from the local news channel and submit alongside your press kit. This will help make your press kit stand out next to other ensembles!

Quick Tips

  • Create and send press releases for your big news items
  • Keep your press releases archived or on your website
  • Use proper formatting for press releases
  • Obtain quotes for your press kit from media and audience
  • Create a high-quality digital file of your press kit
  • Post your press kit to your website
  • Include your contact information

How to Format a Press Release

Top left of page: exact text, uppercase letters, bolded

Left-aligned: title of the piece

City, State/Country – Month - Day, Year
Left-aligned: before the story and italicized

Left-aligned: multiple paragraph content

Ensemble/Director Information
Left-aligned: include the ensemble biography or director biography (if applicable)

Contact Information
Left-aligned: contact, organization, email, phone number, address, website

Left-aligned: 3 pound signs (###) tells the reader the press release is over

How to Post Your Press Kit

  1. Post the kit on the ensemble’s website in its own “Press Kit” section. Include your contact information, website and social channels when posting.
  2. Create a PDF digital file of the complete press kit for an easy print piece. Put a download link to the PDF on the website for external sources to use.
  3. If necessary, complete a terms & conditions clause. Include a restriction for photo usage that ensures a photo credit is given either to the organization or to the photographer when used by an external source.
  4. If budget allows, you may wish to have a high-quality printing company put together a printed kit for you to have on hand. Print just enough for the upcoming year as you will be updating the press kit on an annual basis.

Examples of Digital Press Kits:

As you can see, there are some ensembles that have paid to make a very professional press kit and there are others that are simpler that still work very well. Choose the quality and budget that works for you and remember that having any press kit is better than no press kit at all.


Utilize Your Press Kit

Once your press kit is complete, use it to your advantage! Having a press kit can help build your ensemble’s reputation, increase your audience numbers, gain community support, enhance fundraising and recruiting efforts and so much more. Send your press kit to media outlets, parents/administration/concert subscribers and share on your social channels. Keep your content fresh and strive to update your press kit annually with new photos, videos and quotes.


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