Meet Joe - New Encore Tours Program Manager!

September 28, 2017 Kate Huffman

Our team at Encore Tours has been growing. Meet Joe - one of our new Program Managers!

Where are you from?

Joe: Long Island, New York

What were you doing before you started at Encore?

Joe: I recently graduated from Boston University, where I studied history and journalism. 

What is your musical background?

Joe: I've been singing and playing trombone since I was about ten years old, and I've been playing the guitar since I was about eleven years old. 

Have you ever been on a performance tour before? Where did you perform?

Joe: I've taken local field trips with my high school band program. Through these trips, I had the opportunity to play at Rutgers University and Carnegie Hall! I also marched with my school band annually in the Columbus Day Parade in New York City. 

What is your top bit of travel advice?

Joe: My top bit of travel advice is to make sure your smartphone is always charged but make an effort to never use it. Stay off Facebook and Instagram until you're waiting in the airport for your flight. Regardless, have your phone ready in case you get lost or become separated from your travel buddy. Just know that if your eyes are glued to your phone, you might be missing something amazing that is happening right next to you!

What are you passionate about?

Joe: I'm passionate about music, education, travel, history, and writing. Wonderfully, working at Encore merges all these areas of interest! Outside of working at Encore, you might catch me fiddling around on my guitar or exploring a new neighborhood in Boston. 

What are you most looking forward to working on the Encore team?

Joe: Helping musicians travel and explore the world through their art! 

Anything else folks should know about you?

Joe: Some of my favorite places in the world are the bleachers at Fenway Park, the markets of London, and the beaches of Southern Italy. Despite everything, nothing beats grabbing a sandwich at Katz's Deli with a friend when I'm in the New York area.

Welcome to the team, Joe!

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Kate Huffman

Kate first discovered the power of intercultural communication and exchange through music on a month-long trip to China and Japan with her college wind ensemble. She's been hooked on traveling ever since and has performed with different groups in cities such Beijing, London, and Kyoto to name a few! Kate is a clarinet player and a passionate arts advocate with degrees in music, arts administration, and cultural policy. Kate is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Encore Tours.

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