Dealing With Adversity On Your Band Trip


Have A Plan B

No matter how much planning goes into a trip even the best laid plans can be disrupted by the unforeseen. Learn to expect the unexpected when traveling. Always have a “Plan B.” Your travel company can provide that safety net or “Plan B” for most of the problems you might encounter while on your trip. It may be a sudden weather event, bus breakdown or accident, flight cancellation or delay, or a medical emergency. You might have to extend your stay an additional day or two. Whatever the situation: they have the experience, knowledge and resources at their fingertips to get you through the rough times. That’s why you hired them.

If a problem does arise, no matter how concerned and frustrated you are by the circumstances always remain calm. The way you handle these situations and the image you project will influence those around you. A positive attitude can be contagious.


There is one aspect of your trip that your travel company won’t be able to resolve for you with a “Plan B” and that’s your performance. You’re the expert when it comes to this part of the trip. We all know some pretty crazy things can happen during a performance. Do some brainstorming with your students during rehearsals and talk about some “what if” scenarios and possible solutions. For example, what if the percussion section misses the roll-off signal when you enter the television area? What if part of the band gets out of sync with the rest of the group? What if the camera crew gets in your way? You could go on and on. If your band is well rehearsed chances are none of these things will ever happen. The key to success is preparation! Practice, practice, practice!

Travel 101: A Band Director's Guide for Planning Student Travel
Thanks to our guest blogger, former band director Andrew M. Yaracs! Yaracs is the Author of “Travel 101: A Band Director’s Guide for Planning Student Travel.” Stay tuned for his guest blog series featuring excerpts from his book. His book is available for sale on Amazon.  Find out more at!?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

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After fifteen years of successful travel throughout the United States and Canada with the Butler Golden Tornado Band, Mr. Yaracs shares his knowledge and advice for planning safe student travel opportunities. The band has appeared in some of the most prestigious events in our country and has been seen by millions on both national and global television. He has been an adjudicator at band and drum and bugle corps competitions for more than thirty-five years. Mr. Yaracs has been nominated by his students multiple times and is listed in Who’s Who among Americas Teachers. His professional affiliations include the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, Phi Mu Alpha Professional Men’s Music Fraternity and Phi Beta Mu Band Directors Fraternity, PSEA and NEA. Visit his website at

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