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March 2, 2020 Encore Tours

A message from our President:

I’ve built my life around travel.  I met many of you on my journeys around the globe.  We all have a shared mission to enhance our lives through travel abroad.  The last few months have turned that world upside down and we’re all learning to navigate in a new world that, for now, requires us to stay in place rather than roam.  As always, we’ve aimed to adapt for our customers in a situation where the landscape has been changing daily.  Most of our partner schools have had to close temporarily, just as we have had to move to a virtual office environment for the safety of our staff, which we know has made communication more difficult.  For those who have been frustrated by this entire situation, we understand and apologize.

Given the unprecedented nature of these times, we are working with individual group leaders to provide custom solutions that are best suited to their specific needs, so that we can ease the burden on our would-be travelers.  Times are tough, we know, and we want to be there to help you now and in happier days filled with travel that lie ahead.

Peter Jones

Encore/ACIS Founder and President

What are your refund policies if I choose to cancel?

We have enhanced our cancellation policies across the board, working with our airline partners and booking offices to limit non-refundable penalties. As a result we have been able to offer customized refund options that include generous cash refunds and/or Encore vouchers redeemable for future travel.

For reference, our standard cancellation policies can be viewed on our Protection Plans page.

Will my trip still take place?

At this time, all groups who were previously scheduled to travel this year have made their decision on whether to cancel, or postpone their trip until a later date. If you are unsure about your current status, please speak directly with your group leader or contact Encore’s Traveler Support team.

How can I use the travel vouchers?

Our travel vouchers give you a chance to springboard toward future travel with Encore, ACIS, or our parent company, AIFS.  You can use the voucher on any Encore performance tour or ACIS program outside of the USA and Canada.  Vouchers can also be used on college-level programs, namely AIFS’ College Study Abroad and Global Experience’s international internship programs.  Study abroad programs are offered in 22 different countries, with short-term, semester and academic year options.  Internships are available in 13 different locations and cover career fields ranging from business to non-profit to technical fields. 

Our vouchers are fully transferable, so you can easily sell them to a friend or colleague who is interested in traveling on any of these programs.  Vouchers need to be redeemed for travel starting before December 31, 2022.

What should I know about rolling over my trip to next year?

For the many groups that are rolling their trip to 2021, all money paid to date will be automatically applied to the new trip. We have also created customized options for people who will no longer be part of the ensemble at that time.

Will my price stay the same if I roll?

Yes! Encore is proud to offer a price match guarantee for all groups who decide to roll their trips to 2021. Assuming that your group retains the same itinerary, venues, group size, terms and conditions, and equivalent dates, we will honor your previously negotiated rate!

When can I expect to receive my refund?

Typically refunds are processed within 45-60 days of receiving your official notice of cancellation, however, Massachusetts’ governor has issued a stay-at-home order for all non-essential businesses.  As a Boston-based company, this has limited our ability to print out refund checks, and may lead to slight delays in the refund process. We remain committed to processing refunds as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of our employees and the local community.

What if something happens to me or our group while we’re overseas?

Encore maintains a worldwide safety network so we always have local support no matter where you are traveling. Our 24-hour Duty Officer systems operate in the U.S. and overseas non-stop to deal with any emergency quickly and professionally. Additionally, all participants are enrolled in an international medical insurance plan coordinated by AXA, our round-the-clock, 365-day travel assistance provider.

In the event that you are quarantined, Encore will work with local and international authorities to get you home safely and expeditiously. If housing is not provided, Encore will secure your accommodations and cover all costs. If a new return ticket is required, Encore will cover that cost as well. If you are a minor, Encore will fly over a parent or guardian and cover the cost for their hotel and flights for the full duration of the quarantine.

There is nothing more important to Encore Tours than the safety and security of our participants. We have been continually monitoring the latest recommendations from the CDC and State Department to guide our response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In addition, we have been consulting with a third-party travel security specialist that advises us on the risks associated with travel to different areas in the world.

For specific questions related to your upcoming trip, group leaders can reach out to their program consultants. At this time, we encourage parents and students to communicate directly with their group leader for updates. For more general questions, please call Traveler Support at 877-460-3801 or email us at

Contact the Encore Tours team with any questions or concerns about taking your musical ensemble to new places!

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