Chorus America Conference 2017 Recap

July 13, 2017 Ward Dilmore

The 2017 Chorus America Conference was a wonderful event full of inspiring educational sessions, participatory performances, and invaluable opportunities to connect with music directors from across the country. In his post below, Ward Dilmore tells us all about his experience at the Chorus America Conference in Los Angeles and sets the stage for follow-up articles from the amazing music leaders he connected with there.

As a Choral Director, you are leaving footprints in the hearts of your members. Your sense of purpose includes creating authentic relationships with each of your singers. And because Encore Tours  believes in your mission, we consider your trusted relationships with your members to be worthy of our support.

Chorus America’s yearly conference is a perfect venue for Encore Tours to express that support because our missions are intertwined; both organizations exist to support ensembles in creating meaningful change for dynamic singing ensembles.

Ward and Shalya Hines, Associate Director of Development at Chorus America

This year, Encore was honored to be a part of the Chorus America conference in Los Angeles in June.  We were pleased to reconnect with our loyal clients, such as Dianne Linn from Detroit, at our exhibitor’s booth. It’s always a thrilling moment to feel the excitement of our friends who are ready to depart or are just returning from a transformational performance tour.

And to show our support for every member of the choral community, we always look forward to working with Chorus America in supporting relevant topics in the breakout sessions. For example, during the past year, our clients expressed an interest in learning new strategies in two specific areas: creating a supportive and welcoming environment for transgender and non-binary singers, and secondly, the steps necessary for choral directors to work with orchestras.

Ward with the panelists on working with orchestras Linda Moxley, Jeffrey Jordan, and Henry Leck

The two breakout session we sponsored were insightful, informative, and received such a positive support that we will be presenting follow-up information in blogs written by the session presenters. Subscribe to our blog and watch this space for upcoming articles on choirs working with orchestras and creating welcoming spaces for trans and non-binary singers.

Ward with the panelists on creating welcoming spaces for trans and non-binary singers Joshua Palkki, William Sauerland, Karen Thomas, Danielle Steel, and Lindsey Deaton

It’s our hope that you’ll always depend on Encore Tours throughout the year as a trusted source for new ideas and strategies for your choral ensemble. Because good friends are like stars – not always seen but always there. 

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Ward Dilmore

Ward Dilmore is a recently retired music teacher from Wilmington High School, MA where he grew his string orchestra from 12 students to over 450, in large part due to his incorporation of foreign travel into the program. Ward initially traveled with other companies, but once he found Encore, he never looked back. He has taken his ‘Strings Attached’ orchestra overseas with Encore 7 times, in total taking over 1,200 students abroad during his years at Wilmington.

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